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UPS power supply, solar pv system, battery manufacturer & supplier


Online ups, EPS and related ups products.


On grid solar system, off grid and hybrid solar system solution provided.


AGM, FM battery & lithium battery solution

Our company makes alternative enegry available for every client, industry and business.

Off-Grid Solar System, Online UPS & 3 Phase UPS

China’s leading Off Grid Solar Inverter and UPS Manufacturers, Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd are providing aerospace technology products including:

  • Off Grid Solar Inverter
  • Off-Grid Solar System
  • Online Ups
  • 3 Phase Ups
  • Modular Ups

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Buy high-performance Solar System

Want to maximize the saving of power from Solar Systems? The UPS Power Supply made in China is the top choice! This framework comprises a network tie inverter and sun-oriented boards.

Baykee offers a complete range of Off-Grid Solar System in bulk! There are various kinds of Solar system you can choose from, such as:

  • AC based with Off Grid Solar Inverter
  • DC-based system,
  • AC based without Grid-Tie backup

Modular UPS,UPS Inverter,Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS

There are additional alternatives to change over your current Power reinforcement into Solar Systems! This segment has all you require in picking the best Solar framework for your necessities.

Baykee’s guaranteed UPS & Inverter

Need assistance in picking the ideal Inverter and UPS for your home? Look no further than Baykee for UPS Power System. We are China’s no.1 wholesale UPS Supplier

You can check out the list of available 10kva UPS,Home UPS, Online Ups, 3 Phase Ups, and Power Inverter. Buy all our wholesale Data Center UPS

Before you pick the best power inverter, break down the requirement of power of your home.

We are consistently endeavoring to create power arrangements that address and expect the client’s necessities across different enterprises. The powerful blend of solid designing, planning, and assembling abilities and capably helped by advertising and adjusting assets has brought about an establishment base.

We target offering quick modified answers for our clients and ceaseless advancement for more cutthroat items and administrations.

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