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Aerospace Baykee SI series household solar lithium battery energy storage inverter system
Aerospace Baykee SI series household solar lithium battery energy storage inverter system

Baykee SI series household solar lithium battery energy storage system is a pure sine wave power frequency off-grid inverter, which adopts LCD liquid crystal display and supports high-definition touch screen display module. The whole system is composed of MPPT controller, inverter, lithium battery pack and PV panel. The inverter collects and processes the electric energy of the solar energy and converts it into the alternating current needed by the user for the load to use. It can be well applied to home or office equipments, such as: electric lights, TVs, electric fans, induction cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers and other mixed loads.

Main feature:

  1. The system has three working modes: energy saving, DC priority, and AC priority.
  2. With intelligent output function, priority is given to ensuring the power supply of critical loads
  3. Wall-mounted and floor-mounted universal design to meet the various needs of users.
  4. It can adapt to 50℃high temperature environment without reducing power.
  5. The generator mode function is compatible with multiple generator inputs.
  6. Military-grade technology, safe and long-term mixed load operation.
  7. The integrated design of lithium battery is more compatible with lithium battery.

Working mode principle

  1. DC priority mode:

When the PV energy is sufficient, the energy is output to the load through the inverter after being tracked by MPPT and the excess energy is input to the battery pack for charging.

When the PV energy is insufficient, the solar energy and the battery pack supply power to the inverter or the mains bypass operation at the same time.

When the battery energy is restored during bypass operation, it will automatically switch back to the inverter output.

  1. AC priority mode:

After this mode is enabled, as long as the mains input is normal, the system will switch to the mains bypass output, and only switch to battery inverter power supply when the mains is abnormal.

  1. Super energy-saving standby mode:

After enabling the energy-saving mode, the inverter automatically enters the standby state, and solar energy charges the battery. If both AC input and solar input are abnormal, the inverter will automatically shut down; when the AC input or solar input returns to normal, the inverter will automatically start and enter standby mode.

  1. Intelligent output function:

The load is divided into important load and general load with priority power supply. The system automatically controls the distribution according to the remaining energy situation to ensure priority is given to important loads. In the case of limited battery and PV panel configuration, , to extend the backup power supply time of important loads as much as possible.

  1. Generator mode:

When the generator quality is poor, you can close the generator mode dial switch. Once the generator mode is activated, the bypass output of the generator supplies power to the load and at the same time charges the battery. When the generator is turned off, the inverter automatically cuts off power and restarts operation.

Baykee SI series household off-grid inverters have passed 50℃ high temperature full load long-term aging test, generator test, air-conditioning load test, RCD load shock test, load fluctuation jump test, lithium battery compatibility test, vibration test, etc. SI series inverter protection grade IP20, military-grade design, up to 10 years of service life. Welcome to consult us.


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